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Becoming A Go-Getter and Hitting Your Next Level

Genre: Self-help, Personal-development, Self-development

Book: The Go-Getter

Author: Peter Kyne

Quick Summary: What are the special ingredients to become a Go-Getter? According to the author, Peter Kyne, a Go-Getter is determined, has the willingness to endure hardships, is passionate about what they do, and has the personal responsibility to see things through. If you can consistently embody these qualities, the author is convinced there’s nothing you can’t do. At this point, it’s important to point out that optimism is likely to be proven as one of the most critical qualities. While the author doesn’t spend much time directly talking about this quality, it’s a core quality that enables a consistent application of all the others.

Recommended read: If you’re interested in reading a short motivational read that can be read in an afternoon, yes. This book was written over a hundred years ago, so some of the language used might be difficult to follow.

Detailed Summary:

Mr. Peck is one of the illustrated Go-Getters within the book. Mr. Peck, a veteran that's missing half an arm and a gate with a slight pivot, sets out on a path to prove to others he has what it takes to accomplish the most difficult of tasks. Cappy Ricks, a successful business owner, provides an opportunity for Mr. Peck by setting out a variety of challenging tasks that were purposefully chosen to elicit the qualities Mr. Peck embodies.

Selling the Unsellable:

One of the first challenges Ricks provides Peck with is the challenge to sell what they refer to as skunk wood. Not only is it an undesirable type of wood, but it also has a slightly pungent smell to it. Mr. Ricks has been having a hard time offloading such supplies and gives Peck the opportunity to prove his “Go-Getter” qualities. “If you can drive a nail in it, I can sell it” was Mr. Peck's response to this opportunity.

What Peck didn’t know was Ricks and his team of upper management was simultaneously looking for candidates that possess the right demeanor to run their overseas office. If Mr. Peck could prove himself through this challenge, the management team would consider Mr. Peck for a managerial position and more than double his income.

Not only did Mr. Peck accomplish the tasks of selling the unsellable, but he also sold each piece of skunk wood a dollar over the goal price. Successfully navigating such challenges, Mr. Ricks and the management team decide Mr. Peck is ready for the Blue Vase Challenge.

The Blue Vase Challenge:

Mr. Pecks was summoned to see Mr. Ricks for an urgent tasking. When Mr. Peck arrives, Mr. Ricks explains that he's going to a wedding and he wanted. Mr. Ricks to purchase a specific blue vase that he saw downtown.

What Mr. Peck doesn’t know is that this was the final ploy to see if he has what it takes to run a management position overseas. This challenge would be considered impossible for those that do not possess the right qualities because the challenge is riddled with purposeful sabotages and misdirection's. Mr. Ricks has challenged many with the Blue Vase Challenge but only a handful have managed to pull off.

The Qualities of a Go-Getter:

  • Discipline

  • Excellence - Going above and beyond what is asked

  • Determination and persistence

  • Tenacity to overcome rejections

  • Perceiving hardships opportunity

  • Remaining optimistic and refraining from thinking that something can't be done.

If you’re interested in learning more about what makes an individual a Go-Getter or curious about the Blue Vase Challenge, you can grab a copy here.

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